[ESS] ESS 5.13 released

Vincent Goulet Vincent.Goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Thu Feb 3 16:25:49 CET 2011

For users of my distribution of Emacs: I'll be somewhat late to the party here. Not that I can not build the distribution, but I currently have no means to *distribute* it. 

Indeed, I realized yesterday that my web (and svn, and...) server apparently got stolen from my (former) office at the university. Shame on me, you'll say, I hadn't planned this sort of need for a good backup.

I'll see what I can do in the next few days and will keep this group posted.

Best regards,

Vincent Goulet
Directeur général adjoint de la formation continue
Université Laval

Le 2011-02-03 à 06:15, Martin Maechler a écrit :

> Dear ESS users,
> I have released ESS 5.13 a few moments ago.
> The main reason and improvement is automatic support of "finding
> R" for Windows and R versions 2.12.0 and newer.
> Additionnally, there are other improvements in Roxygen and help
> previewing, see also the
> "New Features" below.
> ------------
> In behalf of the ESS core team,
> Martin Maechler, 
> ETH Zurich
> The following is part of the ANNOUNCE file that comes with ESS:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> The ESS Developers proudly announce the release of ESS
>   5.13
>   Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) provides an intelligent, consistent
> interface between the user and the software.  ESS interfaces with
> R/S-PLUS, SAS, BUGS/JAGS, Stata and other statistical analysis packages
> under the UNIX, GNU Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and other
> operating systems.  ESS is a package for the GNU Emacs and XEmacs text
> editors whose features ESS uses to streamline the creation and use of
> statistical software.  ESS knows the syntax and grammar of statistical
> analysis packages and provides consistent display and editing features
> based on that knowledge.  ESS assists in interactive and batch
> execution of statements written in these statistical analysis languages.
>   ESS is freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
> Please read the file COPYING which comes with the distribution, for
> more information about the license. For more detailed information,
> please read the README files that come with ESS.
> 1.1 Getting the Latest Version
> ==============================
> The latest released version of ESS is always available on the web at:
> ESS web page (http://ess.r-project.org) or StatLib
> (http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/general/ESS/)
>   The latest development version of ESS is available via
> `https://svn.R-project.org/ESS/', the ESS Subversion repository.  If
> you have a Subversion client (see `http://subversion.tigris.org/'), you
> can download the sources using:
>     % svn checkout https://svn.r-project.org/ESS/trunk PATH
>   which will put the ESS files into directory PATH.  Later, within
> that directory, `svn update' will bring that directory up to date.
> Windows-based tools such as TortoiseSVN are also available for
> downloading the files.  Alternatively, you can browse the sources with a
> web browser at: ESS SVN site (https://svn.r-project.org/ESS/trunk).
> However, please use a subversion client instead to minimize the load
> when retrieving.
>   If you remove other versions of ESS from your emacs load-path, you
> can then use the development version by adding the following to .emacs:
>     (load "/path/to/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el")
>   Note that https is required, and that the SSL certificate for the
> Subversion server of the R project is
>     Certificate information:
>      - Hostname: svn.r-project.org
>      - Valid: from Jul 16 08:10:01 2004 GMT until Jul 14 08:10:01 2014 GMT
>      - Issuer: Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, CH
>      - Fingerprint: c9:5d:eb:f9:f2:56:d1:04:ba:44:61:f8:64:6b:d9:33:3f:93:6e:ad
> (currently, there is no "trusted certificate").  You can accept this
> certificate permanently and will not be asked about it anymore.
> .....................................
> .....................................
> 1.9 New Features
> ================
>     Changes/New Features in 5.13:
>        * ESS[R]: On Windows, for R 2.12.0 and later, the Rterm
>          executables  (in subdirectories i386 / x64) now are found as
>          well as for earlier R versions.
>        * ESS[S+]: on Windows, both 32- and 64-bit versions of S+
>          ("S-PLUS")  are found now and made available on the menu.
>        * ESS[R]: When prompting for a starting directory, the R
>          version is  (always?) correct now.
>        * ESS[R]: on non-Windows platforms, the `use-dialog-box'
>          variable is no longer temporarily changed (to `nil' for
>          R-x.y.z version  functions and to `t' for `R' itself), but
>          rather the user  customization is obeyed.
>        * ESS[R]: more Roxygen improvements.
>        * `Rd-preview-help' now generates preview buffers with
>          navigation facilities the same as regular help buffers.
>        * ESS: New functions and keys C-c [up] / [down]  for evaluating
>          the buffer "from beginning till here".
>     Changes/New Features in 5.12:
>        * ESS[SAS] Font-locking:  update of PROCs keywords (up to SAS
>          9.22); error/warnings.
>        * ESS[R]: Roxygen improvements: S4 classes;  also optionally
>          keep spaces when filling arguments
>        * ESS[Rd]: support new keywords:  section-name \subsection plus
>          a dozen "new" keywords; should match R  2.12.x now.
>        * `ess-display-help-on-object' (`C-c C-v')  now _caches_ the
>          list of topics, thus speeding up the improvement  feature
>          introduced in 5.9.
>     Changes/New Features in 5.11:
>        * Filename completion within buffers now adds only trailing
>          characters to complete the filename, rather than expanding to
>          an absolute file path.  This filename completion is bound to
>          the TAB key.
>        * `M-n P' in Sweave buffers now prompts for the command to run
>          instead of using `pdflatex' unconditionally, offering
>          completion from customizable collection
>          `ess-swv-pdflatex-commands', the first of which is taken as
>          default and that defaults to `texi2pdf'.
>        * `M-RET' is now also bound in S language (R and S+) buffers to
>          `ess-use-this-dir'. It sends `setwd(..)' to the S process to
>          set the working directory to the one of the source file.
> ......................

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