[ESS] ESS ignores roxygen configuration ess-roxy-tags-param?

Yihui Xie xie at yihui.name
Sun Aug 28 15:31:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I see from the ess configuration that we can customize the list of
roxygen tags, so I added @noRd and @example to the list and saved to
.emacs like this:

 '(ess-roxy-tags-noparam (quote ("export" "noRd")))
 '(ess-roxy-tags-param (quote ("author" "aliases" "concept" "examples"
"format" "keywords" "method" "exportMethod" "name" "note" "param"
"include" "references" "return" "seealso" "source" "docType" "title"
"TODO" "usage" "import" "exportClass" "exportPattern" "S3method"
"importFrom" "importClassesFrom" "importMethodsFrom" "useDynLib"
"rdname" "slot" "details" "description" "example")))

but when I type in an R script like this

##' @name
##' @noRd
##' @export
##' @examples
##' @example

the highlighting does not work for @noRd and @example.

Is this an expected behavior of ESS or I missed anything? Thanks a lot!

Yihui Xie <xieyihui at gmail.com>
Phone: 515-294-2465 Web: http://yihui.name
Department of Statistics, Iowa State University
2215 Snedecor Hall, Ames, IA

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