[ESS] Slow help culprit found!

Vitaie S. spinuvit.list at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 12:35:12 CEST 2010

spinuvit.list at gmail.com (Vitalie S.) writes:
> The rationale of calling that function in `ess-find-help-file', is somewhat
> elusive to me:
> (ess-uniq-list (append (ess-g     et-help-files-list)
>                        (ess-get-help-aliases-list)   
>                        (mapcar 'list
>                                (ess-get-object-list
>                                 ess-current-process-name))))
> It examines only *attached* packages, and thus, brings only duplication
> (anything else?) of already comprehensive (but efficient) `ess-get-object-list'.
> Moreover , `ess-get-help-aliases-list' does not cache anything and rereads all
> the RDS files each time one calls \C-c\C-v.

Well, I see now (after removing ess-get-help-aliases-list) that there are topics
in help not associated with any object.

Then, maybe `ess-get-help-aliases-list' can be changed to cache the output, and
update only if search path was changed, akin to how `ess-get-object-list' works.


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