[ESS] ESS copies anything I highlight with the curser, and I don't want it to

Chris Howden chris at trickysolutions.com.au
Fri Nov 12 07:40:12 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

ESS seems to copy anything I highlight. This is quite annoying if I want
to replace using paste the same thing a few times.

EG In the code below I want to replace the variable "landunit" with
"elevation". So I type in 'elevation' once and then try to copy and paste
it into each incidence of 'landunit'...it works once, but then it doesn't
anymore. It seems that once I highlight "landunit" to replace it with
'elevation' it replaces 'elevation' with 'landunit' on my clipboard!!!!!

Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to fix this? I've tried
looking on the web but couldn't find anything.



	plot(density(clean$landunit, na.rm=TRUE))

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