[ESS] Show toolbar only when using R

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 25 10:53:01 CET 2010

Daniel Muenz <dmuenz at sdac.harvard.edu> wrote:

> it.
> What I'm hoping for, though, is a way to hide all toolbar buttons (whether
> default or otherwise) when editing anything other than a .R file.  That is,
> when I'm editing  a .R file, I want tool-bar-mode to be active; when I'm
> doing anything else, I want tool-bar-mode to be inactive.

I thought the following would work:

;; (tool-bar-mode 0)                 ;no tool bar thanks.
;; (add-hook 'ess-mode-hook 'my-ess-toolbar-hook) 

;; (defun my-ess-toolbar-hook ()
;;   (tool-bar-mode 1))

but it didn't -- tool-bar-mode turns it on globally.  So, there may be a
solution, but its not obvious, sorry.


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