[ESS] `font-lock-pre-idle-hook': Error message any time I type in xemacs

Brian Diggs diggsb at ohsu.edu
Thu Mar 18 23:37:08 CET 2010

On 3/18/2010 9:09 AM, Rodney Sparapani wrote:
> On 03/ 9/10 05:42 PM, Peter Waltman wrote:
>> Specifically, the warning is: (1) (warning/warning) Error caught in
>> `font-lock-pre-idle-hook': (invalid-function 0)
>> This is brand new behavior, upon updating ESS with Ubuntu's automatic
>> update, and downgrading to ESS version 5.4 resolves the behavior.
>> ESS version: 5.8-1karmic0   (downgrading to version 5.4 resolves 
>> behavior)
>> xemacs version: 21.4.22-ubuntu1
>> ubuntu version: 9.10 (jaunty)
> Did you check with Ubuntu?

It is not just an Ubuntu issue.  I also see it with ESS 5.8 under XEmacs 
21.4.21 on Windows XP.  I can get the errors to go away and the font 
locking to work correctly if I turn off font-lock-mode and then turn it 
back on.  However, this has to be done individually for every ESS[S] 
buffer separately.

Since turning off and turning on font-lock-mode fixes it, I am guessing 
it has something to do with how font-lock-mode is enabled for buffers. 
However, I don't know where to look to start figuring it out.  I would 
be happy to do some hunting if someone could give me directions as to 
what to look for.

Brian Diggs
Senior Research Associate, Department of Surgery, Oregon Health & 
Science University

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