[ESS] ESS usage poll

Emanuel Heitlinger emanuelheitlinger at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 10 18:06:58 CEST 2010


2.11.0______ R

23.2.1______ GNU Emacs

Fedora  Linux

I am using Emacs in a text terminal (-nw; emacsclient -t) inside
screen. Most of the time on a remote machine, but I use it exactly the
same way also locally.

At Thu, 10 Jun 2010 22:36:17 +1200,
Patrick Connolly wrote:

> > 4. If you could only request one feature, what would it be?
> A clever way of dealing with the unbalanced quotes (to R's way of
> thinking) that can be returned to Emacs from a bash call.  The `
> character screws up the font colouring.  Can't imagine how it could be
> done, and I realize it's really a bash issue, but I'd be very grateful
> if someone could work out a way of dealing with it.  I invariably see
> colours as though it's all a string irrespective of function names or
> anything else.  I tire of deleting the offending character before I
> can read R code properly.  I'm very lazy, I know.

I second that: This font coloring screw up is the only issue I am
having at the moment. I was never able to investigate it further, as
Patrick did.

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