[ESS] ess-tracebug alpha release

Vitalie S. spinuvit.list at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 22:05:48 CET 2010

<news at aleblanc.cotse.net> writes:

> spinuvit.list at gmail.com (Vitalie S.) writes:
>> Dear All,
>> Ess-tracebug is an add-on package for ESS for visual debugging and error
>> tracing.
>> You can find the source and documentation at
>> http://code.google.com/p/ess-tracebug/>
>> There are a couple of major features what I still plan to implement, notably
>> interactive debug/undebug of functions/methods at point, and making
>> ess-eval-region to insert the source attributes into the evaluated code.
>> Any ideas and suggestions, especially concerning the work-flow are highly
>> welcome.
>> Vitalie.
> Hi Vitalie,
>            good work!
>            However, I dont see any fringe marks to indicate currently executed line in the source
>            buffer when in debug mode. The only fringe marks I see are for breakpoints.
>            The source buffer is completely unaffected by stepping through the code.
>            It appears from the screenshots on google code that I should be able to see fringe marks.
>            I am using emacs with ESS 5.12.

Hi Aleblanc,

Sorry for late reply, I was away for a little and didn't check my mails.

You should see a highlighted line and a small triangle in the fringe for the
currently debugged code in the source buffer.

This would work only if your previously soused the file explicitly with source()
 command or with C-c C-b or M-c s (the latest is defined in ess-tracebug).

 Ess-tracebug recognizes automatically source references of the form
 pbm_funcs.R#336 and similar.
 If you don't see this in the R process output there is no way to recognize
 where to jump, though you can still jump with M-c n n n...

 Let me know if you still have trouble,


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