[ESS] What happened to ess-transcript-clean-region ?

Vitaly S. spinuvit.list at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 14:41:04 CEST 2010

"RICHARD M. HEIBERGER" <rmh at temple.edu> writes:

> It is there in the usual place.  It only works for buffers
> in ess-transcript mode (usually .rt or .st buffers).

Thanks Richard,

I was confused by the following statement form 4.4.4 of ESS documentation:

"Finally, if you intend to produce S source code (suitable for using with
source() or inclusion in an S function) from a transcript, then the command M-x
ess-transcript-clean-region may be of use. This command works in any Emacs
buffer, and removes all prompts and command output from an ESS transcript within
the current region, leaving only the commands."

As far I could understand the above statement is not true. First, the command is
not available unless the ess-trns.el is loaded. But, even after it has been
loaded the command works only in transcript buffers (if executed in other
buffers, emacs hangs and I have to C-g it).


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