[ESS] org-babel and ESS?

Short, Tom TShort at epri.com
Wed Sep 16 00:59:04 CEST 2009

Org-mode is a fantastic outliner / do-everything organizer. Org-babel is
very promising. It can give you many of the advantages of Sweave with
the ease and power of org-mode. You can write a document with embedded R
code. You can run the code from the buffer, and it can stuff results
back in the org buffer. You can export to html, pdf via latex, and
others. I haven't really used it much, yet (when I tried a pre-release
version, it was still a little raw).

It relates to ESS in that you can hit C-c ' in an R code block, and it
pops that code block into an ESS buffer. I've played with mumamo-mode
and multi-mode to get mixed org-mode / ess-mode in the same buffer, but
both had problems. 

- Tom  

Tom Short 

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Is anyone on the list following orgmode development?  I am new to
orgmode, but this caught my eye.  Does this interact with ESS in any


 From: "Eric Schulte" <schulte.eric at gmail.com>
Subject: [Announcement] Org-babel initial release
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Dan Davison and I (Eric Schulte) are happy to announce that Org-babel
has now been released as a contributed package in Org-mode with
corresponding documentation on worg [1].

Org-babel provides the following functionality:
- Source-code execution and control of output in org buffers
  - currently supported languages [2]:
    - emacs-lisp
    - shell scripts
    - R
    - ruby
    - python
    - SQL
    - gnuplot
    - dot
    - ditaa
    - asymptote
    - Haskell
    - OCaml
    - css
    - sass
  - results of code execution can be [3]:
    - passed to other source-code blocks
    - inserted into Org buffer as Org-mode table
    - inserted into Org buffer as escaped text
    - inserted into Org buffer as raw Org-mode text
    - dropped to a file and linked to from Org-mode buffer (e.g. ditaa)
    - ignored
- Meta-programming language for org mode: each source-code block is
  treated as a function which can accept arguments in the form of:
  - entire org-mode tables
  - output of other source-code blocks
  - raw text
  - values of cells in Org-mode tables using the Org spreadsheet
- Spreadsheet enhancement: source-code blocks can be called from
  spreadsheet functions within tables
- Community maintained library of useful code blocks [4]
- reproducible research [5]
- literate programming with org-mode [6]
  - Org-babel has special support for embedding your emacs
    initialization in literate Org-mode files [7]

To activate Org-babel simply grab the latest version of Org-mode and add
the following to your Emacs init (more complete instructions at [8]).

(require 'org-babel-init)

Thanks -- Eric

[1]  http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/org-babel.php

[2]  http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/org-babel.php#languages







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