[ESS] Emacs won't start with ESS

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Fri Sep 11 02:08:21 CEST 2009

Stephen Eglen wrote:
> Hmm. that is odd.  Debugging this remotely is going to be tricky - does
> anyone else see this behaviour on windows?  If it is a common problem on
> windows, we need to either investigate or make it easy to switch off the
> code that automatically finds R versions.
> Stephen
Where are you?  That is, what is the language environment?  We are 
supposed to be
insensitive to that, but it is the next place to look.

Please open a Windows cmd window and enter the following

dir "%ProgramFiles%" /x/ad

and send the output to this list.  I am particularly interested in the 


I am starting with the suspicion that "progra~1" is the wrong 8.3 
for your setup.  But I also note, that we are supposed to be protected 
against that
possibility.  We use the 8.3 version of the environment variable to 
determine the
search path in the ESS variable ess-program-files.

Please also send the value of ess-program-files
C-h v ess-program-files


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