[ESS] help needed installing emacs-ess on Windows 7

Daniel Nordlund djnordlund at verizon.net
Mon Nov 30 00:40:38 CET 2009

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> Subject: [ESS] help needed installing emacs-ess on Windows 7
> I am trying to install Emacs and ESS on a Windows 7 system.  I downloaded
> the emacs-23.1-modified-3.exe bundled installer from
> http://vgoulet.act.ulaval.ca/en/ressources/emacs/ .  The installer ran
> without producing any error messages, and I can see the Emacs directories
> with the ESS subdirectories underneath.  However, I can't seem to get an
> inferior R process running or evaluate any R code.  I don't know if there
> is something I haven't done that I should have, or if Windows 7 is doing
> something unexpected by the installer.  R and Emacs are in the system
> path.
> Has anyone been successful installing this software on Windows 7?  If not,
> I am not wedded to this particular distribution.  I am willing to install
> any distribution that will work.  If someone could point me to directions
> for installing on Windows 7 I would be grateful.

Well, I found that I can get the inferior R process to run by running the command M-x R.   My unsuccessful attempts were when using the R icon on the menu bar.  Emacs-ESS would open a window looking for a directory to run in, but I couldn't find anyway to specify the directory and couldn't proceed any further. I at least can now use Emacs-ESS to edit and run R scripts.


Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA USA

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