[ESS] R doesn't function in *R* buffer after "M-x R"

pleydell at supagro.inra.fr pleydell at supagro.inra.fr
Mon Nov 16 11:18:11 CET 2009

>> But as Emacs initializes exec-path from the active PATH when emacs
>> starts,  the correct solution really is to make sure  R  is in your
>> independently of emacs, and then, also  M-x R  will work fine.
> Thanks for pointing that out; of course, the best solution is to set
> PATH outside of Emacs!
> Stephen

I don't get it. I forgot to mentioned in my original post that my .bashrc did
contain the lines

export PATH
export PATH

but this was not enough to get M-x R working in emacs. I suppose emacs 
needs to
know where to find .bashrc or that I use bash and not some other shell, but I
do use the default location (~/.bashrc) so why was this not a solution?


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