[ESS] R-Xemacs ESS printing issue

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Thu May 28 17:59:43 CEST 2009

Leo wrote:
> I agree with you not to further discuss the choices between these two
> variants. But I'd like to point out the following as my last post to
> this subject.

Glad you agree, but then you can't help yourself (and me neither)...

> 1. #Emacs channel has 1130 users while #XEmacs has 24;

What the hell is that?  Honestly, I've been involved in XEmacs testing
and development for 9 years or so and I have never heard of that.
Maybe Emacs has so money bugs that it is generating tons of traffic :o)

> 2. the Emacs development branch commits 100 times more than XEmacs since 2005;
> 3. XEmacs's release packs much fewer features than Emacs. XEmacs just
>    released a new development version, if you like you can compare it to
>    Emacs 23.0.94 and be shocked.

Shocked how?  Tell us more (I'm not joking, if there is magic,
let it be known).  Did this email come from it's new AI package?
Are you a person or am I talking to Emacs :o)

> I think it is objective to say Emacs feature set is a super set of
> XEmacs and that's why I'm recommending it to new users.
> Leo

I disagree.  The XEmacs package system is a killer feature that new
users can benefit from as much as anyone.  'nuff said.

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