[ESS] R-Xemacs ESS printing issue

Leo sdl.web at gmail.com
Thu May 28 02:08:03 CEST 2009

On 2009-05-27 22:59 +0100, Mahesh Krishnan wrote:
> I have tried GNU emacs, and it seems to allow me to save my plots. That way
> I can get around the printing issue.  Has someone successfully used the
> init.el file from John Fox in GNU emacs.    (
> http://socserv.socsci.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/Companion/ESS/init.el)

XEmacs has NOT been in active development for quite some years. In my
view it is better to use GNU Emacs these days.

> As a newbie lisp programmer, I couldn;t get it to work in GNU emacs.
> If the customization works, I'll switch to GNU emacs.

I think the menu code is XEmacs specific so someone needs to port it to

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