[ESS] ESS FAQ nominations Was: Changing the configuration of font colors

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Jun 8 16:16:25 CEST 2009

And the winner is...

Just cleaning this up and renaming the thread in cased you missed it...

 >> John Maindonald wrote:
 >>> #1. It took me quite a bit of searching, following clues provided by
 >>> a message from Rodney Sparapani, that I could do the following
 >>> to change the color scheme:
 >>> (require 'ess-site)
 >>> (require 'ess-font-lock)
 >>> In ESS under emacs, one does
 >>> <ESC>x M-x ess-font-lock- <RET> <RET>
 >>> Five choices then appear.  I rather like wheat.
 >>> Further choices can be added to the file ess-font-lock.el,
 >>> or existing choice(s) modified.
 >>> I could not find this stated in explicit detail anywhere.  I'd like
 >>> to see it added to the FAQ, and probably also to the section
 >>> about customizing emacs in the introductory document.
 >>> The default is unsatisfactory if one is using a computer
 >>> projector.
 >> my nominations:
 >> #2 Interactive SAS is not supported by SAS for Windows.
 >> #3 When ESS[R] hangs, try C-g.

John Maindonald wrote:
> 4. How do I comment a region: M-;
> 5. Indent region and undo: C-M-\   M-x 1
> 6. What does one actually type when it says C-M-\
> 7. How does ESS handle command line line history?  How do I get a history
> transcript?
> 8. I've heard that there are commands for doing clever things with 
> transcript file?
> How do I get these to work for me?
> 9. Is there an R equivalent of M-x dired: (M-x ess-rdired)
> 10. Somewhere in the documentation it notes that A-M-r will get the 
> previous
> history matching string.  What does the A mean?  (Actually, I do not know!)
> 11. What are the five niftiest things that one can do with ESS?

Any others?  Extra points for those with answers.

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