[ESS] Highlighting matching parentheses

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Aug 3 18:02:44 CEST 2009

Chris Evans wrote:
> Thanks to all who have posted help to me/us with this. OK, I know what
> should be happening and it's definitely not happening and I think we're
> very clearly in the realm of XEmacs/Emacs differences.
> With those lines in the init file and the file in site-specific lisp
> directory I get an error message from XEmacs when I open a *.R file and
> no longer see ESS being invoked.  The error message is:
> file mode specification error: (void-function face-attr-construct)
> The other thing I've learned is that the options menu structure is
> different for XEmacs and Emacs, in XEmacs I think the paren highlighting
> is in:
> Options
>   Display
>      Paren Highlighting
> and the options there are:
> None
> Blinking Paren
> Steady Paren
> Expression
> Whichever I select I clearly get the default XEmacs paren highlighting
> matching those headings but nothing new.
> Clearly on my installation of XEmacs and ESS the new init lines conflict
> with something else.  For now I've removed those lines from my init.el
> and go on with ESS and XEmacs alone.  If anyone thinks they can suggest
> debugging that might get to the bottom of this (or can just confirm that
> the highlighting works for them in XEmacs) then I'm happy to testbed
> debugging this but also entirely understand that others may say "change
> to Emacs, not my problem".  Do hope someone running XEmacs is interested
> enough to share experience and donate expertise though!
> Meanwhile, I've benefitted as I now have those XEmacs paren highlighting
> which is one step better than the quick match parens that ESS was
> providing me.  As ever, I'm sure I should find time to take myself
> through basic education in Emacs/XEmacs and probably ESS but when is
> there ever time and I bodge on mostly?!
> Thanks all,
> Chris

Hi Chris:

I don't think this mode will routinely work with XEmacs.  It relies on
the GNU Emacs function internal-get-lisp-face-attribute which is only
defined in the C source code.  You would have to properly insert this
function into the XEmacs C source (or mimic it in e-lisp).  It's not
impossible, but I did give up trying to make it work.


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