[ESS] ess stata won't start

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Fri Sep 5 16:33:15 CEST 2008

XIANG AO wrote:
>         Is stata still in your PATH?  If you open a *shell* buffer and
>         type
>         stata does it start?
>         Yes.  I opened a shell within emacs and start stata just fine...
>     Oh wait, try the following in *shell*:
>     /usr/bin/env stata
>     That's the line it seems to be gagging on.  Not sure where exactly
>     this
>     comes from, but probably some where in ess-inf.el
> Hi, I tried that: it reports an error "No such file or directory".  Do 
> I need to modify this env file or ess-inf.el file?
> Thanks!
Hi Xiang:

Wow!  That makes absolutely no sense.  So you are saying the following 
*shell* buffer prompt #1> stata

But, the following does not:
*shell* buffer prompt #2> /usr/bin/env stata

I sympathize with your plight, but if #1 works, then #2 must also work.
I guess this is an Ubuntu bug.  Check the bug reports, and if you don't
see something similar, file one for your problem.  I wouldn't mention
Emacs, ESS or Stata since they have nothing to do with it.  Your problem
seems to be either in /usr/bin/env or something even more basic than that
like bash/kernel/demonic posession!?!  Good Luck!

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