[ESS] (re) formatting SAS code

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Nov 17 23:21:47 CET 2008

Ross Boylan wrote:
> Does ess have anything that would help reformat SAS code?  I ran
> indent-according-to-mode, but it still looks pretty bad.  In particular
> select(x);
> when (1) do;
>  ....
>  end;
> when (2) do;
>   ....
>   end;
> etc
> the do blocks aren't getting indented.
> Or, if anyone has pointers to any other tool, that would be great too.
> I've captured some code from macros using options mprint, and I'm trying
> to make it presentable.  I do want plain text output, however.
> Thanks.
> Ross Boylan

Hi Ross:

Well, you can run M-x ess-sas-transcript which should strip off all the 
MPRINT stuff automatically, but AFAIK the formatting is manual.  Maybe
there is a second step that can automate that.  Anybody else?

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