[ESS] S+ 8.1.1

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sun Nov 16 06:46:28 CET 2008

TIBCO, the new owner of S-Plus, has just released S+ 8.1.1.

If you have a current license for S+, you can download the new release.
To login into the TIBCO Product Download Site click here: 

To use it with ESS on MS Windows, change the definition of three
variables in your site-start.el or .emacs file to read

(setq-default inferior-S+6-program-name "c:/progra~1/TIBCO/splus81/cmd/Splus")
(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-SHOME-name "c:/progra~1/TIBCO/splus81")
(setq-default inferior-Sqpe+6-program-name "c:/progra~1/TIBCO/splus81/cmd/Sqpe.exe")

I made the necessary changes to the ESS source.  They will be included in
the next release of ESS.


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