[ESS] trace(zapsmall, edit=TRUE) problem under ESS?

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sun Nov 16 05:17:40 CET 2008

emacsclient works with gnue emacs on windows almost out of the box.

You need the following two lines in your site-start.el

(load-file "c:/emacs/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el")  %% set for your system

Then start R with M-x R

options(editor='c:/emacs/emacs-22.1/bin/emacsclient')  ## set for your

tmp <- 1:3
## in the edit window change it to 1:30
## end the edit session with C-x # y

The *R* buffer comes back with the edited value displayed.
Assign the value if you want to keep it, for example,
newtmp <- edit(tmp)

The "almost" part is because I am seeing the message
Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, nil
I don't know why it is there.  It doesn't seem to interfere, so
I am ignoring it.

When we wrote the gnuclient command into ESS, emacsclient wasn't available
on Windows.  Beginning with emacs 22 it is included when you download emacs.


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