[ESS] Oppening pdf files from ESS

Vitalie Spinu vitosmail at rambler.ru
Thu Nov 6 17:00:10 CET 2008

> Well, I don't know which version of ESS you have since the latest is  
> 5.3.8 (and the earliest that I recall was 5.x).

Sorry for the typo - of course ESS 5.3.7.

> Anyways, embedded blanks must be escaped on Windows just like on Unix.   
> So, if it were a POSIX shell command (which would require something like  
> Cygwin on Windows):
> (concat "\"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\" &")
> Or for Windows with a DOS shell:
> (concat "start \"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\"")
> If this works, then we can get it into the next release (5.3.9).

   (shell-command (concat "start \"" pdfviewer "\" \"" namestem ".pdf\"")))

works just fine for me. Thank you.

Also I've noticed that "ess-swv-latex" as opposite to "ess-swv-pdf" does  
leave the *Tex-tex-output* on top of my *.Rnw file. This is because   
(switch-to-buffer buf) is not included before  (display-buffer tex-buf).  
If is not an original intention may be that also could be changed.


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