[ESS] par(ask=TRUE) locking

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Mar 18 20:31:21 CET 2008

markleeds at verizon.net wrote:
> Hi: I'm a novice in ESS so I just use it at a very basic level but I really like it. Unfortunately,
> when I run the code below, it locks up and I 
> have to kill the process using ps -aux and I'm confident that it's due to the par(ask=TRUE).
> is there anything i can put in that file 
> .xemacs/init.el to make below work. I really don't use
> par(ask=TRUE) much and I can always just use source
> at an R-prompt if necessary so , if
> it's more trouble fixing this than it's worth,
> that's fine. i put the code in my init.el file
> below the R code and I don't even remember what
> the commands do ( they were all donated
> by various people on the list when I had questions) 
> but I know I need them to make ESS feel comfortable 
> for me.  Thanks.
> R code that causes locking
> #==================================================
> x <- data.frame(A=rnorm(100), B=rnorm(100), C=runif(100))
> par(ask=TRUE)
> sapply(names(x), function(.name) {
>   hist(x[[.name]], main=.name)
> })

Hi Mark:

Are you seeing the following prompt?

Hit <Return> to see next plot:

When I get that, I hit return and the plots display fine.


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