[ESS] Problem with ess tab-completion when max.print option is set too low

Michael Hoffman b3i4old02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Mar 8 09:26:00 CET 2008

Stephen Eglen wrote:
>  > Not sure if this is on point, but I have the following in my .emacs, 
>  > that I got from Deepayan Sarkar (needs to be slightly modified now that 
>  > utils swallowed rcompgen if you are using R-2.7.0):
> ...
>  > And I get tab completion for uniq<TAB> with options(max.print = 1000) in 
>  > my .Rprofile
> great, thanks for testing this.  I've long had rcompgen on my list of things
> to look at.  I guess we have a slight issue in that we don't want to
> force ESS users into using a particular version of R, but if that can
> be resolved, and if rcompgen seems more reliable, then great!

The rcompgen completions are a lot better. The biggest bug they fix is 
that filename completion actually works on Windows. Maybe they could be 
used only if available? At the very least it would be nice to have that 
code as part of ESS so that one only needs to customize some variable to 
turn it on.

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