[ESS] Streamlining ESS distribution (Was: ESS 5.3.8 released)

Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Mon Jul 28 23:39:05 CEST 2008

Dear Martin et al.,

In updating the version of ESS in my Emacs distribution for Windows to  
5.3.8, I started looking into streamlining and otherwise improve my  
package. For example, one thing I did was compile the .el files in the  
lisp/ directory and delete the debian/ directory. I also suspect that  
the LDA/ and fontlock-test/ directories may be safely removed from a  
packaged distribution of ESS. One I was uncertain about, though, is  
the lisp/tmp directory. Is its content needed by ESS? With such a  
name, I would think not. Actually, are the last three directories  
really meant to be in the source distribution? (The README file in  
LDA/, for example, refers to a non-existing file.)

In a nutshell, I was thinking of distributing only etc/*, doc/* and  
lisp/*.[el,elc]. Am I missing anything important?



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