[ESS] Yap problem using latex(Hmisc) under iESS[R] but not in Rgui

Johan Lindbäck johan.lindback at ucr.uu.se
Tue Jan 29 11:24:15 CET 2008

I'm not sure whether this is an ESS or a latex(Hmisc) (or some other) 
issue but here it goes.

When I run, e.g.,


in an iESS[R] buffer, Yap fires up but shows nothing and I get the 
following warnings:

 > latex(describe(iris))
warning: extra args ignored after 'cd'
warning: extra args ignored after 'yap'

However, when I run it in Rgui (or Rterm outside Emacs/ESS) it works 
fine, starting Yap and showing the content of the created .dvi file. All 
situations are run within the same working directory ("c:/temp").

Any hint is appreciated. I'm on

GNU Emacs
ESS: 5.3.6
R: R version 2.6.1 Patched (2007-11-26 r43541)
OS: Win XP SP2

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