[ESS] ESS, install.packages() in R, and Windows

Tim Hesterberg timh at insightful.com
Thu Jan 17 20:11:43 CET 2008

Correction, Nilsson wrote on 12/19/05.  There are 19 followup messages
that same day in the archives, but no solution, only a few additional
workarounds.  It was suggested that the bug is in R, not ESS.


>Henric Nilsson wrote on 12/19/07:
>>I'm using Emacs (CVS 2005-12-14), ESS 5.2.11 and R 2.2.0 under
>>Windows 2000.
>>If I do a `install.packages()', `packageStatus()' or something similar
>>that spawns a window, the process just hangs. However, if I've
>>"initialized" R first by e.g. `chooseCRANmirror(graphics = FALSE)' or
>>`plot(0, 0)' everything works nicely.
>This occurs for me too, on Windows, emacs 22.1.1, ess 5.3.6, R 2.6.1.
>Both fixes work; the chooseCRANmirror uses menu() in the *R* buffer 
>immediately, while giving plot() results in a non-emacs pop-up when
>I call available.packages()
>Also, the second time is a charm; in a new R session, if I do 
>	temp <- available.packages()
>the first time R hangs; I can exit this using C-c C-c.
>If I try again in the same session it works; a non-emacs window pops
>up with a list of mirrors.
>The problem does not occur on Linux, emacs 21.3.1, ess 5.3.6, R 2.5.1.
>In this case the list is presented using R's menu() command.
>I undoubtedly have ess configured differently for linux than Windows,
>can provide details on request.
>Tim Hesterberg

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