[ESS] Replace control characters in log

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Tue Jan 15 17:52:04 CET 2008


The question is how did you get the ^M to be displayed.  Normally, if you
open a .log file, from windows explorer for example, emacs will detect the
^M and open the file in DOS line endings mode (with a "\" in the third
position of
the mode line).  Somehow you opened it in Unix mode with "(Unix)" beginning
the third position of the model line.

Please reply to the list (not to me) and tell us exactly, keystroke by
how you opened the file.


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Dear ESS list,

it might sound strange but I am using GNU Emacs/ESS with SAS in a MS 
Windows XP environment in Batch mode. I have the problem that in the log 
window strange control characters appear ("^M") which mess up the layout.

How do I tell Emacs to replace those control characters with the correct 

Thanks in advance,


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