[ESS] [R] is it safe to replace every "<-" by "=" in R code?

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>Subject: RE: [ESS] [R] is it safe to replace every "<-" by "=" in R code?

That's very useful to know. I'll try it out tomorrow
because my eyes are closing. This list is just
like the R-list: amazing. I guess that sort of
makes sense since there the intersection of
members is probably extremely high !!!!!!!

>An additional comment, you don't need to shade some regions in order to run
>In addition to C-c C-n (line) and C-c C-r (region), we also have C-c C-c
>C-c C-c runs the command ess-eval-function-or-paragraph-and-step
>This keystroke command will run a "paragraph" which is defined in an R
>to be a set of lines with a blank line above them and a blank line below
>Thus, if you design your code consistently with blank lines for spacing, you
>just put the cursor somewhere in the paragraph and submit it.
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>also, is there a way to shade a region of code 
>( for  when you want to run a region ) without using the mouse ?  I like
>avoiding the mouse if it's possible

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