[ESS] [R] is it safe to replace every "<-" by "=" in R code?

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Mon Jan 14 03:31:54 CET 2008

Thank you Mark for the nice comments about ESS.  The answer to your
as to all questions in emacs, is "Yes".

For specifics,
Type _ twice, and it will become an underscore.  See
C-h k _
For the full help page.

Highlighting a region is easy with the keyboard.
First, on general principles, add the line
(transient-mark-mode 1)
To your ~/.emacs file

Place the cursor where you want it and then
C-S-@ to set the mark.
Move the cursor somewhere else and then the region between the mark and
point will be highlighted

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Hi Jonathan: I realize that your comment was to the R-list but, since you
brought that up, do you know how to actually type a real underscore in ESS
for cases where you want to, for example, type seq_along ? I just started
using ESS a few weeks ago and it's great but I noticed that recently and I
had to comment a line, make the seq_along on it and then copy it somwhere

also, is there a way to shade a region of code 
( for  when you want to run a region ) without using the mouse ?  I like
avoiding the mouse if it's possible

Thanks to Sundar and Spencer for getting me into ESS
and of course to the people who built ESS !!!!
It's quite neat and I probably only know 1% of it.



>I think it is worth pointing out that, if you use ESS with (X)emacs,
>" <- " (with spaces) is produced when you type "_".  It requires only two
>keystrokes (shift and -), and the spaces are done for you. The = sign
>requires three because you need to type the spaces on each side.
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