[ESS] can I make R help buffers automatically active and maximised?

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 21 15:25:26 CET 2008

Dan Davison writes:
 > When I call up a help page in an iESS (*R*) buffer with e.g.
 > ?read.table
 > the window splits in two horizontally with the requested help page
 > in the other buffer, and my cursor stays in the iESS buffer.

 > Can I control this behaviour? Personally I'd prefer to have the
 > help buffer as the active buffer, and have that buffer maximised
 > rather than horizontal-split. i.e. I'd like to avoid typing the
 > extra C-X o C-x 1.

Sorry, we don't have that behaviour (yet); this is what the
documentation currently says we offer:

   Help buffers normally appear in another window within the current
frame.  If you wish help buffers to appear in their own frame (either
one per help buffer, or one for all help buffers), you can customize the
variable `ess-help-own-frame'.

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