[ESS] Does R fix() or edit() work for you these days?]

8rino-Luca Pantani ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Tue Sep 11 16:19:12 CEST 2007

Yes, Martin you're right.
May be that "rules" is a too stringent word.
I would say that I was asking for "good habits" or "tricks" or 
rather than strict rules.
Most of all, when you get back to old analyses, when you do not realize 
promptly what you did.
For example at the beginning I didn't use the form lm.<topic> but only 
ending in a overpopulated data region, in which it was almost impossible 
to recognize what was what. Especially after a nice week-end ;-)

Martin Maechler ha scritto:
> yes.
> OTOH, 8rino asks about "your favorite way"  which is much less
> stringent than "rules" and rather a matter of preferences.
> My personal taste / opinion is to *not* use long variable names,
> and I do work with "." here, where other people would prefer
> other letters/styles.
> E.g., I typicall call most of my data frames  
>   'd.<topic>'
> and then, the models I fit to this data, something like
>   'lm1.<topic>'
>   'lm2.<topic>'
>   'glm1.<topic>'
> etc; but all this depends on the circumstances and I'd always
> "allow myself" to differ from such a scheme whenever I see
> reasons.
> One good reason for the above scheme is that you want names that
> differ rather in the beginning than in the end, so
>  <topic><subtopic>model1
>  <topic><subtopic>model2
>  <topic><subtopic>model3
> seems less sensible to me -- both for reading and for writing
> such code.
Another good reason is that
give all the dataframes separated from models, vectors and so on.

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