[ESS] accented characters on graphics under XEmacs + ESS

8rino-Luca Pantani ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Mon Sep 10 15:36:10 CEST 2007

Hi all,
the problem I' trying to solve, is that I'm not getting accented 
characters on graphics, under Xemacs + ESS (details of the system at the 

Using the same commands in R from a terminal do print accented 
charachters on graphics.
Also, I can get the usual italian accented characters in both R as 
terminal and in the Xemacs + ESS command lines, but NOT in the graphics.

Googling around I found the following two links that helped me to find a 
solution, that I leave here for someone who may need them. It seems that 
the problem reside in Xemacs.

I tried to put in my .emacs file the  lines taken from the 1st link amd 
modified accordingly my local situation.
And it did not had any apparent effect.

BTW, since in the first link it seems to me that some parentheses are 
misplaced, I then tried to add only
the following line.
(set-buffer-process-coding-system iso-8859-15 ' iso-8859-15)
I got the iso-8859-15 name from "M-x list-coding-systems"
But it did not solve the problem. It always do not print accented 
characters under XEmacs+ESS.
I really appreciate any help.

Ubuntu 7.04
Xemacs 21.4.19
ESS 5.3.4
R version 2.4.1


Ottorino-Luca Pantani, Università di Firenze
Dip. Scienza del Suolo e Nutrizione della Pianta
P.zle Cascine 28 50144 Firenze Italia
Tel 39 055 3288 202 (348 lab) Fax 39 055 333 273 
OLPantani at unifi.it

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