[ESS] ESS installation with cygwin needs unsetting DISPLAY

Nitin Jain nj7w at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 17:05:05 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I am facing a problem in ESS installation when using with cygwin. Here are the steps that I followed:

- unzipped .tgz ess file 
- added the ess path in init.el
(load "/cygdrive/C/cygwin/usr/share/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/ess-5.3.5/lisp/ess-site")
- Modiffied  /usr/share/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/ess-5.3.5/lisp/essd-r-args.el file to comment the tooltip lines:
    (require 'tooltip)); for tooltip-show

When I start cygwin and type, 
xemacs a.R -f R &
it asks me for the starting R directory to which I press enter and then I get the message "Process R is not running"

However, when I open another xterm and do: "unset DISPLAY", the above command works fine (though several times, it hangs and then i have to restart cygwin).

The difference in the two xemacs sessions is that 1st one (with default DISPLAY set to, xemacs opens with grey background (much like default unix xemacs) whereas after unsetting DISPLAY, I get xemacs with white background (much like native xemacs on windows).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?



Nitin Jain


Comedy with an Edge to see what's on, when.

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