[ESS] refTeX forgets information after visiting noweb chunks

Daniel Sabanés Bové daniel.sabanesbove at campus.lmu.de
Fri Nov 30 19:13:31 CET 2007

Dear ESS-users,

I recently discovered the great possibility to work
on multifile Sweave/LaTeX documents with AUCTeX, refTeX and of course ESS.
However, after finishing the necessary configuration in my .emacs-file,
I still face a problem:

When I visit the Rnw-file, everything is fine in the beginning, i.e.
refTeX knows the master file and shows me a correct table of contents (toc)
with all chapters in all files.

If I then navigate to a noweb chunk with R code in ESS mode and come back
to the LaTeX (or Rnw) mode, refTeX has forgotten the master file.
The toc only shows the current Rnw-file and not the whole multifile
This can be resolved by resetting AUCTeX via the menu
LaTeX - Multifile/Parsing - Reset AUCTeX (or C-u C-c C-n).

Is this a known issue? Or is my .emacs-configuration wrong?

Thanks in advance,

My setup is

GNU Emacs 22.1.1
AUCTeX 11.83
ESS 5.3.6
R 2.6.0
(on openSuse 10.3)

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