[ESS] elscreen and eval-and-go to R tab

Alexy Khrabrov deliverable at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 14:34:23 CET 2007

Greetings -- I'm using the excellent elscreen tabbed-editing package  
by Naoto Morishima:


Naoto has just integrated it with the Emacs Speedbar via elscreen- 
speedbar, available there for download as well.

Basically, you can have your R scripts and the *R* process buffer in  
the same frame in tabs.  And the speedbar will be your project  

Now Eval and Go behaves in the old-fashioned way, and instead of  
going to the tab where *R* is, it replaces the current tab's buffer  
with that of *R*:file.r just evaluated.  Which hooks are there/what  
ways are best to teach Eval and Go family to activate the *R* tab  
under elscreen?  Is it because of the name appended to *R* buffer  
name after evaluation they come up as different?


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