[ESS] R starts slowly in ESS

Georg Otto georg.otto at tuebingen.mpg.de
Wed May 23 17:27:53 CEST 2007

Another thing I forgot to mention is the emacs version I use (soory for that):

Xemacs 21.4.15

"Richard M. Heiberger" <rmh at temple.edu> writes:

>> [Previously saved workspace restored] 
>> > 
> What is that prompt that that came through the email as "ESC [0m"?

a caret followed by [[0m>

> Are the options set correctly?
> Do you have gnuclient on the MAC?  What happens when you type
>   edit(anova)
>   page(ls)
> ?

I am not sure, what options you mean. gnuclient is installed. edit(anova) returns:

emacs: Terminal type emacs is not defined.
If that is not the actual type of terminal you have,
use the Bourne shell command `TERM=... export TERM' (C-shell:
`setenv TERM ...') to specify the correct type.  It may be necessary
to do `unset TERMINFO' (C-shell: `unsetenv TERMINFO') as well.
Error in edit(name, file, title, editor) : 
	problem with running editor emacs

page(ls) opens a new frame (ls.rt) showing the ls() function code.

>> > In addition please load both the previous R and the current R 
>> > using the current current ESS.  Keep track of time. 
>> > 
>> > M-x R-2.4.1 
>> > M-x R-2.5.0 
>> > 
>> > If you still have the previous ESS on your machine, also use that one. 
>> > 
>> Staring R with version number does not work for me, and unfortunately 
>> I do not have the previous ESS on my computer anymore. 
> Open a file "tmp.r".  In the Emacs Menu bar, what is the contents of the 
>     ESS/Start Process/other/
> menu item?

It says (greyed out): No other R or Sqpe versions



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