[ESS] sweave/noweb from ESS ... "cleaning" function names..

Henric Nilsson henric.nilsson at sorch.se
Mon Mar 19 17:01:39 CET 2007

Den Fr, 2007-03-16, 18:18 skrev Martin Maechler:

> [...]
> The next version of ESS will be a bit better in determining
> which PDF and PS viewers to use, and we also still plan to add
> the possibility of specifying default viewers.

This is much appreciated.

> I have wanted more than once to also be able to run Stangle()
> directly from ESS to get an foo.R file instead of sending or
> evaluating chunks.

Me too...

> [...]
> I'm looking for a few people (apart from ESS-core) who regularly
> work with *.Rnw files and are willing to beta test the new code
> (and all of  ESS "beta 5.3.4" for that matter).

I'm very interested in trying out the new version.


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