[ESS] sweave/noweb from ESS ... "cleaning" function names..

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Mar 16 18:18:05 CET 2007

Dear ESS users,

Probably quite a few of you will indirectly be regular users 
of the <ess>/lisp/ess-swv.el file with its utilities


The next version of ESS will be a bit better in determining
which PDF and PS viewers to use, and we also still plan to add
the possibility of specifying default viewers.

I have wanted more than once to also be able to run Stangle()
directly from ESS to get an foo.R file instead of sending or
evaluating chunks.

When adding that function it occurred to me *again*
that I really don't like the naming scheme

I propose to use   `` ess-swv-<foobar> '' 
instead and deprecate the old names for a while before
eliminating them.

Note that these commands have not been documented in the manual
which would give the developers the freedom to just change them
:-) ;-)   
but propose to be nice and keep them working - with a warning -
for a while.

The key bindings will be

;;; Now bind some keys.
(define-key noweb-minor-mode-map "\M-ns" 'ess-swv-weave)
(define-key noweb-minor-mode-map "\M-nT" 'ess-swv-tangle)
(define-key noweb-minor-mode-map "\M-nl" 'ess-swv-latex)
(define-key noweb-minor-mode-map "\M-np" 'ess-swv-PS)
(define-key noweb-minor-mode-map "\M-nP" 'ess-swv-PDF)

and yes, they definitely should be added in a [Sweave] submenu
to the [Noweb] menu
as the "TODO" in ess-swv.el  has been saying for a while ..

I'm looking for a few people (apart from ESS-core) who regularly
work with *.Rnw files and are willing to beta test the new code
(and all of  ESS "beta 5.3.4" for that matter).

Feedback is very welcome,

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