[ESS] ess-eval* (was: max lisp eval depth & ESS)

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Sat Jun 30 23:02:05 CEST 2007

We had this discussion in ESS-core a while ago.

There are platform dependent behviors.

The *R* and *S+6* (for S-Plus 6,7,8) buffers on both Unix and Windows
receive commands through emacs.  ESS plays games to make those commands
get forgotten.  I would like a user option, a customized variable,
to determine whether the commands should be remembered or forgotten.
The last time I looked through the ESS code to figure out how, I decided
to wait a while longer.

The Rgui on Windows doesn't currently accept C-c C-n and related commands.
Rgui on Windows speaks COM.  The problem is that
Emacs on Windows doesn't speak COM.  It only speaks DDE.  Anytime
someone provides an emacs COM client, parallel to the ddeclient.exe
that comes with Gnu Windows emacs, I will make ESS use it.
At that point the issue of remembering or not remembering commands
will be real.

The S-Plus GUI on Windows does accept C-c C-n through the ddeclient.
S-Plus GUI sees them as if they were typed at the keyboard and are
included in up-arrow/down-arrow memory.


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