[ESS] max lisp eval depth & ESS

Vincent Goulet vincent.goulet at act.ulaval.ca
Fri Jun 29 08:02:58 CEST 2007

Le 07-06-28 à 10:35, Stephen Eglen a écrit :

> Dear Chris,
>> Thanks for rolling this for we lesser mortals Stephen, it  
>> installed like
>> a dream and does look good and was easy to reconfigure to point to my
>> location for R.
> Vincent Goulet should take the credit for this!

I'll take the credit then! ;-) Honestly, I'm really glad this  
distribution is being useful to more people (it was originally  
targeted at my students; I don't even use Windows myself).

>> I've installed it as I have been using XEmacs and hitting an error
>> message similar or identical to the one Ben reports (don't know why).
>> Emacs/ESS looks good but there's one ESS toolbar button that  
>> appears in
>> XEmacs that I really miss, the "submit a line" one.  ctrl-C, alt-J  
>> is a
>> clumsy and slow sequence compared with clicking on that button to  
>> work
>> through some code.
> I'm not sure why the toolbar button is missing.  I wrote the toolbar
> code, so if it is a bug rather than a deliberate change, I can
> investigate.  Vincent: do you change the toolbar set up?

I do not touch anything other than what is in the site-start.el file.  
I had someone write to me privately just this week about the toolbar  
and I couldn't be of much help since I never use the Emacs toolbar  
myself. Perhaps does it have to do with the fact that the GNU binary  
I use is not compiled with support for fancy image formats? I tried  
to recompile Emacs with image support for preview-latex (part of  
AUCTeX), but it didn't work "easily" and I just gave up after  
installing tons of libraries.

I, too, use C-c C-n to submit lines one at a time.


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