[ESS] Emacs 22.1 is out!

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 8 22:01:17 CEST 2007

>>>>> "RMH" == Richard M Heiberger <rmh at temple.edu>
>>>>>     on Fri,  8 Jun 2007 15:20:01 -0400 (EDT) writes:

    RMH> I think we need just a minor change to the ESS
    RMH> documentation The ess-r-versions code in essd-r.el is
    RMH> used to create functions for all versions of R on the
    RMH> machine, in Windows for all occurrences of
    RMH> */bin/Rterm.exe, in Unix for all versions beginning the
    RMH> prefixes in ess-r-versions.  The creation of the
    RMH> functions is initiated by ess-site.el.

    RMH> On Windows, if the environment or the site-start.el
    RMH> includes R in its PATH, then that is the default for
    RMH> M-x R.  If R is not in the PATH, then the version with
    RMH> the most recent is placed on M-x R.  This needs to be
    RMH> more clearly documented.

Thank you, Rich, for the clarifications.
Indeed, also with Vincent's installation, for me,

	 M-x R-2.5.1pat
or	 M-x R-2.4.0	(which I had installed there a while ago)

did work out of the box.
However --- after commenting out Vincent's site-start.el 's
(setq-default inferior-S-program-name "c:/program files/.......")

	      M-x R
still did not work, but differently :

It tried to call "rterm" (or "Rterm" ?, don't remember exactly),
and did not find it, since it was not in my Windows PATH
or exec-path respectively.

It would be nice to improve ESS here,
and make  M-x R  behave as you said it would behave,
namely, from all the
find the newest one and use that.


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