[ESS] temporary files

Schiller Judith 1541 EB Judith.Schiller at erstebank.at
Mon Jan 8 16:50:50 CET 2007


when I load an existing R file on a windows machine into scratch with
"C-x C-f", modify it and "C-c C-b" load it into R, I'm asked if i'd like
to save changes when I exit ESS:

"modified buffer exists, exit anyway?"

entering "NO" is ignored, the bufffer saves the changes in a temporary
file anyway. in my init file I set options 
(setq ess-keep-dump-files ask), (setq ess-delete-dump-files t) and (setq
ess-mode-silently-save nil). why does ESS ignore my "NO" to the above
question? Is it because I don't work with "C-c C-d"?

thanks, judith

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