[ESS] ESS SAS function keys in mrxvt

duckpond jindan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 17:20:31 CEST 2007

Rodney Sparapani <rsparapa <at> mcw.edu> writes:

> Hi Jindan:
> I'm not sure if I'm getting this correctly.  Are you running emacs in a
> terminal?  If so, then what does "echo $TERM" say?
> Rodney

Yes, I am running emacs in a terminal, usually in mrxvt, which is  
light-weighted but very functional.

I usually set TERM variable to xterm-256color.

BTW, I just tried to run emacs in another terminal, KDE konsole, all ESS SAS 
functions works just fine with the same .emacs setting, so I am almost certain 
this is a terminal-dependent issue, just don't have hint to solve it.



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