[ESS] Lost tilde in Ubuntu upgrade (scim conflict?)

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 26 11:16:02 CEST 2007

Jari Oksanen writes:
 > Dear ESS list,
 > This probably is an emacs/scim/linux issue, but since it mainly
 > concerns me in R+ESS, I ask here (with a risk of being told to get
 > out). Although not probably an ESS issue, I know that the
 > illuminati are here, and some of them may have run into same
 > system.
 > I upgraded to Ubuntu Linux 7.04 and immediately lost tilde in emacs
 > (and you cannot do R without tilde). I mean, the tilde is not
 > difficult to use, but it is lost completely. What I know now is
 > that if I remove support to Japanese and Russian languages, then I
 > get tilde back. This means removing scim (multilanguage input
 > system). Googling gives me thousands of hits, most of them off the
 > mark, but some hint to the same scim-emacs conflict. However, I'd
 > like to retain the support to input in some of these
 > languages. Does anybody know how to solve this situation? Of
 > course, R+ESS will beat Russian and Japanese anyday, and the
 > languages can go if required by statistics.

I've never used scim, so can't offer any personal experience.  BUT,
what version of Emacs are you running?  Version 22 of Emacs is due out 
in the next couple of weeks (hope that doesn't jinx it, but hopefully
we are in the last pretest now...), and so if you can compile Emacs,
you might to try wish to try it, perhaps using "--without-xim" in the
./configure step:



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