[ESS] elisp code: show function arguments

Charles C. Berry cberry at tajo.ucsd.edu
Wed Apr 4 23:17:20 CEST 2007

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, L.Stirton at uea.ac.uk wrote:

> Does any newbies, like me, copy and paste function arguments from online
> reference material and help pages and then edit them--particularly when
> encountering an unfamiliar function? If so, it might be a really useful
> extension of Sven's code if there was an option to print the function
> arguments in the ESS buffer.


As a stopgap, if you let 'my-r-show-as' take the default "message" (rather 
than "tooltip"), the text is copied into the *Messages* buffer from which 
you can copy and paste it.


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