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Kasper Daniel Hansen khansen at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 4 22:16:08 CEST 2007

On Apr 4, 2007, at 1:01 PM, Joel J. Adamson wrote:

> Dear List,
> I'm using XEmacs 21.4.19 (Constant Variable) on Slackware Linux 11.0.
> I work most of the time in Stata and sometimes in R.  When I'm writing
> out a .do-file (a Stata script), if I put a comment on its own line,
> the next line will automatically be indented 2 columns.  I don't want
> that to happen.  I'm sure this is ESS code making this happen, since
> it also happens in R mode.

This does not happen for me in R mode. This could be a combination  
between ESS and other stuff (auto-indentation). I don't know how  
Stata does commenst, but in R mode there is a difference between #,  
## and ###

#: comment to the left of the file
##: comment at this level
###: comment to the left, like in

### Comment 1,
tmp = function(){
     ## comment 2 - at current indentation level
                                    # comment 3, to the "right"
### back to no indentation, even though we are in a function

Try the example above.

I am guessing that you are using a single comment char in R together  
with something that does auto-indentation. And it _might_ be a  
similar issue for Stata, although I have no idea how the comments  
work there.

I guess you should read the ESS manual for how comments are handled.  
I remember some stuff being there, but not what it said :)


> I've looked through ess-mode.el and found a number of functions.  I
> would presume the best way to rectify this would be to put a
> replacement function in my init.el:
> (defun misbehaving-function ()
>   ())
> or whatever you would suggest.  The biggest complication is that I
> don't want to eradicate the desirable behavior.  If there's a variable
> I can set (ess-comment-indent-...), instead of replacing the function,
> please let me know.  That would be the simplest solution.
> Thanks,
> Joel
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