[ESS] Code indentation inside an Sweave chunk

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 27 15:56:02 CET 2006

 > Yes, I do get all this. Attached is my full .emacs file (I had truncated it
 > in my last email).

 > > > Thanks, but no, this unfortunately does not work.  My .emacs now looks
 > > like
 > > > this, after the addition Stephen suggested (this is on Mac OS 10.3.9):
 > >
 > > Can you report what you see in your modeline when visiting a .Rnw
 > > file?  With that code, I see the following in he latex chunk:
 > >
 > > (LaTeX Ref Fill Noweb NWFL)
 > >
 > > and when in an R code chunk:
 > >
 > > (ESS[S] [none] Noweb NWFL)

ok, so its in ESS mode; your .emacs was not attached, so I couldn't
see where the auto-indent feature comes from.  Does TAB still indent
properly within a code chunk?


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