[ESS] customizing ESS for start and quit: suppressing start and stop messages like "starting directory|save workspace image"

Patrick Drechsler patrick at pdrechsler.de
Sat Nov 18 12:37:16 CET 2006

Martin Maechler wrote:


> An alternative way, which I slightly prefer is to 
> customize  inferior-R-args  by adding "--no-save" to it.
> [hackerishly: add the following line at the proper place
> 	      namely inside " (custom-set-variables .. ) "
>  to your ~/.emacs file :
>  '(inferior-R-args "--no-save ")
> ]
> The slight advantage of this approach is that ``R can now'' that
> this is set, e.g.,  via  commandsArgs()
> Note, Patrick that you possibly also want to add
> "--no-restore-history" or even "--no-restore" to that list of R 
> command line arguments.

This also works fine, thanks for the help Martin!


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