[ESS] customizing ESS for start and quit: suppressing start and stop messages like "starting directory|save workspace image"

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See below for answers.

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> Emne: [ESS] customizing ESS for start and quit: suppressing 
> start and stop messages like "starting directory|save workspace image"
> Hello,
> working with ESS for a couple of years I would like variables like:
> suppress-start-create
> suppress-stop-save
> to put into my ~/.emacs.
> Or even better
> ess-suppress-intro-exit
> Why?
> I have never wanted to create or save the session logs or 
> history files that R wants when creating or when closing a 
> session. Obviously other people do otherwise the questions 
> would not make any sense.
> Every time I open R with "emacs -f R" I would like to answer 
> "yes" to the first question:
> ===============================================
> starting directory?
> ===============================================

>From ess-info:

3.5 Changing the startup actions

If you do not wish ESS to prompt for a starting directory when starting
a new process, set the variable `ess-ask-for-ess-directory' to `nil'.
In this case, the starting directory will be set using one of the
following methods:

  1. If the variable `ess-directory-function' stores the name of a
     function, the value returned by this function is used.  The
     default for this variable is nil.

  2. Otherwise, if the variable `ess-directory' stores the name of a
     directory (ending in a slash), this value is used.  The default
     for this variable is nil.

  3. Otherwise, the working directory of the current buffer is used.

   If `ess-ask-for-ess-directory' has a non-`nil' value (as it does by
default) then the value determined by the above rules provides the
default when prompting for the starting directory.  Incidentally,
`ess-directory' is an ideal variable to set in `ess-pre-run-hook'.

> Every time I exit R from emacs (`C-c C-q') I get asked if
> ===============================================
>  > Save workspace image? [y/n/c]:
> ===============================================
> I always answer "no".
> Is there any easy way to customize this?

Well, in an R buffer, why not type C-h v inferior-ess-exit-command <ENTER> to get this in another buffer:

inferior-ess-exit-command is a variable defined in `ess-cust.el'.
Its value is "q()\n"
Local in buffer *R*; global value is "q()\n"
Automatically becomes buffer-local when set in any fashion.

Format-string for building the ess command to exit.

This format string should use %s to substitute an object name.

You can customize this variable.


Now customize this variable to be q('no') and you are done.

> Sorry if this is mentioned in the ESS-info files. I've used 
> grep through the info files and didn't find anything 
> appropriate. Maybe I have used the wrong expressions for the 
> search. I've also tried the same for the archives. 
> Furthermore I invoked `M-x customize-group' to see whats 
> there. The regexps I have used are all in the subject. Which 
> is why the subject line is a bit long (for future reference).
> I am currently using
> ESS version 5.3.3
> GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.8.20) of
> 2006-10-18 on trurl
> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more info!
> Thankful for any pointers
> Patrick
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